Paolo Guerrero case was analyzed by the FIFPro Committee

An important meeting of work was held by the FIFPro Executive Council and the General Secretaries of the Divisions worldwide in the last two days in Amsterdam, on a series of issues that affect professional footballers, with perhaps the greatest impact on what happened with the captain of the selection of Peru, Paolo Guerrero.

The members of the FIFPro Executive Committee discussed the case with the captain of Peru, Paolo Guerrero, who last week received the provisional cancellation of the suspension of 14 months after the World Cup by a Swiss federal court.

The Executive Committee recorded the exemplary solidarity shown by the captains of the group rivals of Peru to express their support publicly. In this regard, it was agreed that FIFPro should participate with FIFA and other football stakeholders to urge urgent changes to anti-doping rules, which prevent other innocent footballers who do not intend to defraud or obtain an advantage in their performance receive disproportionate penalties.

The FIFPro Executive Committee also agreed to continue supporting the Peruvian footballer Paolo Guerrero so that he can cancel the suspension after the World Cup.

Future of the transfer system

The FIFPro Executive Committee received an update on the review of the transfer system by the working group of the FIFA Football Stats Commission. The Executive Committee agreed that the review should result in a robust reform package.

This would significantly improve the rights of disadvantaged players, where the current rules are in favor of the clubs.

FIFPro has received with satisfaction the first draft of the new transfer rules that came into force on June 1 to protect players affected by non-payment of salaries and other forms of contractual abuse.

The Executive Committee has expressed its concern about the impact of the gap that generates the greatest economic wealth in the world of football. The Committee stressed that this gap is damaging the quality and value of national leagues, and in turn the working conditions of thousands of professional footballers.

The changes that are implemented in the formats of competitions at the club level and between national teams must present improvements for the collective interests of the game, including the players themselves.

Calendar of soccer matches

The results of a survey carried out among more than 500 first level players, including 300 players belonging to national teams, have been presented to the members of the Executive Committee.

The survey covers topics such as the match calendar, the recovery time between matches, mid-season breaks and the duration of the vacation. The results of this survey will be published shortly.