Successful South American Women's Soccer Summit

Women players of the national teams of South American countries participated in the First Forum of Women Soccer Players of the region, with the objective of achieving a fair treatment to their male partners.

The successful event held in Santiago, Chile, was attended by Fernando Reviall, president of FIFPro America and vice president of FIFpro; Camila García, Caroline Jonsson (members of the FIFPro Executive Committee), Alexandra Gómez Bruinewoud (legal adviser FIFPro) and Carlos Gonzales Puche, member of FIFPro's Executive Committee.

In the forum, which received wide support from FIFPro, players from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela took part to discuss the collaboration on a series of important issues related to the development of women's football in South America.

"It is an extremely important event for FIFPro America and globally for FIFPro, as FIFPró America we have listened to the problem of women's football, to understand a little more how this discipline develops in each of these countries," said Revilla.

"We are going to do a joint work, see how to support the development of the best football in our region, which is the great challenge," said the President of FIFPro America.