A representative of the Association of Professional Soccer Players of Peru (SAFAP) will participate in the 'Work Table for the formality of professional football players, a group formed by the government of Peru through the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion.

This work table has been created with the aim of coordinating, articulating and implementing the proposals of the different actors involved in compliance with the rules to reduce labor informality in professional football.

Women players of the national teams of South American countries participated in the First Forum of Women Soccer Players of the region, with the objective of achieving a fair treatment to their male partners.

The successful event held in Santiago, Chile, was attended by Fernando Reviall, president of FIFPro America and vice president of FIFpro; Camila García, Caroline Jonsson (members of the FIFPro Executive Committee), Alexandra Gómez Bruinewoud (legal adviser FIFPro) and Carlos Gonzales Puche, member of FIFPro's Executive Committee.

An important meeting of work was held by the FIFPro Executive Council and the General Secretaries of the Divisions worldwide in the last two days in Amsterdam, on a series of issues that affect professional footballers, with perhaps the greatest impact on what happened with the captain of the selection of Peru, Paolo Guerrero.

The members of the FIFPro Executive Committee discussed the case with the captain of Peru, Paolo Guerrero, who last week received the provisional cancellation of the suspension of 14 months after the World Cup by a Swiss federal court.

On behalf of all members of the International Federation of Professional Footballers FIFPro Division America, we adhere to the pain that permeates all the families of our brothers in Guatemala, after the explosion of the Volcano of Fire, which caused the loss of precious human lives.

May God be the guide and force in these moments of pain and tragedy.

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, June 6, 2018

Iván Hurtado, president of the Association of Footballers of Ecuador (AFE), handed the draft Law of the Professional Footballer to Carlos Bergmann, second vice president of the National Assembly of Ecuador. Among other things, it seeks to ensure that those who practice this sport are recognized as soccer workers. What they propose is to reform a law that was not touched 24 years ago and update it, to clearly establish the employment relationship between footballers and clubs.

Paolo Guerrero managed to prevail in the legal battle to play for the selection of Peru in the 2018 World Cup, situation that has motivated the satisfaction of FIFPro and the Peruvian fans who received this pleasant news.

Like many professional soccer players from around the world, FIFPro considers that the 14-month sanction imposed on the Peruvian Guerrero for unintentionally ingesting a banned substance is unfair and disproportionate.

The 7th Ordinary General Assembly of the FIFPro America Division began in Peru, in the city of Lima, which is hosted by the Association of Professional Footballers of Peru-SAFAP.

Peru will be the host country of the VII Ordinary General Assembly FIFPro America Division, on April 26 and 27, 2017, in the city of Lima, which will host the Association of Professional Footballers of Peru - SAFAP.

The International Federation of Professional Football Players FIFPro - America Division laments the air tragedy that occurred on Monday night in Colombia, where most of the members of the Chapecoense Club of Brazil lost their lives, including players, Technical Command, Official Delegation, a An important group of sports journalists and crew members.

La Asociación Colombiana de Futbolistas Profesioanles - ACOLFUTPRO respaldó a la Dimayor en su propuesta de modificación al  proyecto de ley  de la Reforma Tributaria, cuyo trámite de aprobación actualmente se adelanta en el Congreso de la República de Colombia, en una muestra del grado de confianza y diálogo con la entidad rectora del fútbol colombiano.